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Alessandro Iovane

Intermediary and Adviser
in the USA


  • Rent, Buy and Sell

  • Investments and franchises in USA

  • Repairs and Renovations

  • 1

    Electrical installations

  • 2

    Plumbing systems

  • 3

    Air conditioning systems

  • 4

    Interior, exterior painting

  • 5

    Floor change

  • 6

    Roof repairs and replacements

  • 7

    for homes/offices/commercial activities

Disclaimer: a minimum quotation of $ 3000 per estimate.

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Alessandro Iovane

My short story

Hi everyone, I’m Alessandro and this is my story in brief, I moved from Padua to America in 2016, my American adventure began in New York and then definitively consolidated in 2017 in Florida, first in Miami and then moving on to Fourt Lauderdale.

What I do

After several years on the American territory, being a “contact” person, I have gained many knowledge, many negative and many positive. Now I deal with real estate and investment franchises for people who want to come here to the United States and change their lives.

What do I propose

I offer my knowledge on the American territory, I offer transparency and intellectual honesty.

So if you contact me, you will speak directly with me and you will have all the information you need.

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